Energizer Debuts Charging Pad And Super Fast Charging Skin For iPhone 4 [CTIA]



SAN FRANCISCO, MobileFocus, CTIA — Best known for its indefatigable bunny, Energizer launched a couple of cool charging products for the iPhone here at the CTIA mobile phone show.

Energizer’s PowerSkin is a silicon case with a built-in battery. OK, there’s lots of battery cases, but the PowerSkin promises a super fast recharge for the iPhone 4’s notoriously slow-to-charge battery — only 30 minutes for a full recharge, Energizer claims. It certainly is quick. It rejuiced my dead iPhone 4 to 20% charge in about 5 minutes.

Energizer also debuted a charging pad based on a new induction charging standard that could become the commonplace for wirelessly recharging a host of gadgets. The Energizer Inductive Charger is based on Qi, a new standard for inductive charging. It juices gadgets laid on top of the mat, which is much more convenient than plugging them in.

The Qi standard boasts about several hundred member companies, including Duracell, LG, Panasaonic and phone giant HTC — but not Apple of course. For products like the iPhone and iPods, Energizer provides slip-on covers with the appropriate inductive circuitry.

  • ACltd

    I hope this will be built in with iPhone 5 and iPad 3