Netflix tests ‘Random Episode’ button for finding what to watch


75% of Netflix users have no plans to jump ship to Apple TV+ (right away)
75% of Netflix users have no plans to jump ship to Apple TV+ (right away)
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Figuring out what to watch from Netflix’s massive catalog of shows might soon be as easy as tapping one button.

Netflix is currently testing two new tweaks that give users the ability to watch a popular episode from a TV series of their choosing as well as the option to play a random episode once you’ve finished the last one.

Netflix menu
Netflix and chill with random episodes.
Photo: Android Police

The new “Play a Popular Episode” and “Random Episode” buttons were first spotted by Android Police. They’re currently being tested in the Netflix app for Android. Netflix hasn’t said whether the feature will eventually roll out to iOS, Apple TV and other platforms.

Random Episodes might not make sense if you haven’t ever watched a show before. However, this could be great for popular series like The Office or Friends where you’ve already seen the entire series but wouldn’t mind watching some reruns.

With Apple TV+ and Disney+ bringing new competition to Netflix later this year, the service will need to pull out more tricks to keep eyeballs engaged on its content.