Barnes & Noble PubIt! Good-bye Agents & Publishers, Hello Profits



Are you planning on writing a book? Do you want to be the next Mark Twain? Or are you a starving author looking to cut out the middle man so you can keep all the profits from the sale of your book? It appears that your time has come — Barnes and Noble has announced PubIt! an alternative to self-publishing in the iBookstore.

PubIt! is a new self-publishing platform that will allow authors to directly upload the books they’ve written to the Barnes & Noble eBookstore. Once uploaded Barnes and Noble acts as your books distributor. The books will be sold as bona-fide ebooks and the author gets to keep a nice portion of the profits from each ebook sale. Book prices range from $1 to $200. You will earn 65% on books sold for under $10, but only 40% on books that are more than $10.

It works by accepting your book as a digital upload in HTML, RTF, TXT, or Microsoft Word. The file will be converted from one of these formats into an ePub formatted file. In less than a week your book will appear and go on sale in the Barnes and Noble eBookstore. The book will be available to Nook owners as well as Nook app users on the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac.

Self-publishing is getting a lot easier as PubIt! joins Amazon and Apple by offering a competing service that gives authors another option they can choose from. Authors can keep more of their profits since there is no agent or publisher to share them with. So start your word processors people! Or just dust of your copy of Adobe Indesign and get to work!