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Don’t Try This at Home: iPad vs. Shotgun



I’m beginning to wonder about people these days. We all seem preoccupied about the various ways we can destroy our beloved electronic devices.  Devices that are not exactly cheap either.

I’ve seen three interesting ways to destroy an iPhone 4 by blending, microwaving, or shooting it. Now I’m seeing interesting ways that an iPad can be destroyed.

The first example was proof that the iPad doesn’t make a very good fly swatter, since it rates about one kill per iPad. Or is that one killed iPad per swat? Regardless it has been shown that swatting flies is one way to destroy an iPad.

Now someone has found another way to destroy an iPad — a shotgun.

FreeTaxUSA posted the YouTube video above with the claim that “Paying too much for tax preparation is a lot like…throwing money away. ” The video demonstrates what happens to an iPad that has been shot with a shotgun in time lapsed and real-time video photography.

I think shooting your iPad with a shotgun is another good example of throwing money away. So, I don’t know about you, but I’m not planning on trying this one out at home.