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Gorgeous iPhone XI concept kills the notch… sort of


This is what the iPhone XI might look like if it had a “hole-punch” instead of a notch.
This is what the iPhone XI might look like if it had a “hole-punch” instead of a notch.
Photo: ConceptsiPhone

The notch at the top of the iPhone display has become a familiar part of recent models, but one designer considered another option. He created an iPhone XI mockup with a small hole in the screen instead.

Watch the video he created to demonstrate the idea now:

This design was created by Hassan Kaymak for ConceptsiPhone.

Other devices already use the “hole-punch” concept, but they only put a camera in the opening. iPhone models also need Face ID scanners, which is why the notch is the size that it is. Kaymak sees camera and scanners fitting into a small opening.

Other iPhone XI proposals

Rather than depending entirely on facial recognition, the designer also suggests the iPhone XI include an in-screen fingerprint scanner. Hopefully this would be more reliable than the one in the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Kaymak recommends a switch from Lighting to USB-C with 100W charging, and Corning Gorilla Glass 6 to protect the OLED display. And the description for this model mentions device-to-device charging, which has been the subject of recent rumors.

A three-lens camera appears in almost every concept video for the iPhone XI, including this one. This feature is widely expected in the upcoming model.

To be clear, no one is pretending this is a leak. It’s certainly a design created by someone outside Apple . The real next-generation iPhone is expected to launch this fall.