Your Nominations: New Mac App Of The Year



Right then, lovely Cultists. We want your help.

We want to know what the Mac community’s favorite new apps are. What software – first released during 2008 – has fired you up, made you incredibly productive, had you screaming with joy or laughing with delight, or generally just been jolly useful?

We want to know.

We’re prepared to be a little fuzzy with the rules. If your nomination first appeared as a beta in late 2007, that’s fine. If it’s only just appeared in the last few days, that’s fine too. But it needs to be a NEW Mac app, and it needs to have been new this year. You get the idea.

(And yes, we’re going to do one of these for iPhone apps too – maybe next week. One thing at a time.)

So, fire away. Speak your branes. Perhaps we can reach some kind of consensus. The comments box, lovely Cultists, is yours to sully.

  • kmf


  • Stuart Gibson

    Things. GTD for the rest of us. I found Omnifocus overly complicated for my needs whereas Things works brilliantly with my workflow.

  • Matthew

    I would put forward Times, made by one man band Acrylic apps (…. Just as the Joy of RSS was getting sucked away by my imposing 2000+ unread articles in Mail, where the RSS functionality acts as a great introduction but can feel a bit too much like a to do list, Times comes along as the feedreader i never knew i always wanted. Better criteria for an App of 2008 i cannot imagine.

  • Marco

    Things, with no doubts.

  • Milko D. Georgiev

    1Password and Skitch, definitely the most useful software I have on my Mac

  • Niels K.

    EventBox from The Cosmic Machine ( – a very nice aggregator for social networks, twitter, rss etc. Right now in beta.
    Looks good, does what it is for and is actually right now even the best twitter-client for mac I know of and it’s the first tiime that I really stay up-to-date with the stuff happening on Facebook

  • hl2run

    1. uTorrent Mac
    2. Dropbox
    3. VMware 2.0

  • proul

    Ok, here is my list

    1) Songbird
    2) Evernote (not sure if its from this year)
    3) uTorrent (still beta, but it works just fine)

  • Elliot

    Skim is the fastest and most powerful FREE pdf reader/editor/annotator around. I gave up on and use Skim to read my pdfs 2 pages at a time, side by side. Runs on any Mac using 10.4 or later.



  • bnbarry34

    Things for sure!

    runner up – 1password

  • Jack

    1. Dropbox
    2. 1Password

    Both require minimal setup, work almost invisibly, and make life a lot easier.

  • Dann

    Media Snap – lets me download youtube videos and extract audio

    OpenOffice 3.0

  • Barry

    Vector Magic tops my list. It’s head and shoulders above any other raster to vector conversion software I’ve ever seen.

  • Brandon Titus

    1. Dropbox
    2. Boxee

    These are the greatest mac applications of the year, no questions asked. BTW. 1Password has been around before 2008 and has been popular before that as well. Dropbox and Boxee, while I’m not positive they were only around in 2008, were certainly not publicly available and popular in 2007.

  • Kevin


    Hands down.

    Skitch is a close #2

  • David Price

    1Password. Can’t imagine how I lived without it.

  • Daniel


  • adrian boioglu

    i’m new to mac so i’m not sure if my list of favorite apps is from this year:
    the new Ecto
    and maybe the new iSerial Reader ;)

  • Ben

    Things, Fluid, 1Password

  • Jeff
  • Dan

    ‘Things’ desktop by Cultured Code, beautiful piece of software completely changed my productivity and it’s still only beta.

  • Maciej

    Launchbar 5!

  • garham

    atomicview is awesome for image management.
    It is really useful and elegant, I am not convinced that boxee or things add functionality.

    Still the best piece of mac software is papers.

    For free stuff, you can’t beat orsirx: 12 bit image processing for free!

  • James


  • Jon

    As an iTunes/iPod freak and music collector… I nominate SuperSync

    Merge music libraries.. over a network or from a disk or iPod.

  • alexisshemale


    these are great apps that deserve everything good