Colorware Adds A Grip To Your iPad



For years, Colorware has made a business by taking the prized gadgets of individuals with — perhaps — more money than taste and slathering them in multi-chromatic hues as if they were color-blind hussies. It’s strange, then, to see them entering the iPad case market, but so they are with their latest product: Grip for iPad.

Not so surprisingly, Grip for iPad does exactly what it says: it adds a grip to the side of your tablet. It comes in three flavors, only one of which is applicable to an iPad that hasn’t already been tarted up by Colorware themselves, and the handle is made of Minnesota-milled aluminum, which I understand is the modern-day analogue to Damascus Steel itself.

I actually like the look of Grip, and the idea of merrily swinging my iPad around on a handle like a boy sauntering with his lunch box has a certain fond appeal, but this is Colorware, and so get ready for the gouging: they want an eye-popping, what-the-what-inspiring $300 for their case, instantly consigning a cool product in a price bracket usually browsed only by the oligarchs of oil-rich nations and the mentally ill with a stolen credit card.