Google Mobile App Upgrade Adds Essential Version Number Enhancement



Only Google treats us as well as this. Other software developers insist on adding functionality to their updates; only Google gives us the benefit of enhanced version numbers. These people really care about us. It brings a tear to my eye, it really does.

14 responses to “Google Mobile App Upgrade Adds Essential Version Number Enhancement”

  1. Cleve says:

    Really? Where’d you find this one?

  2. Pete says:

    Oooo! If I had to provide one adjective to that version number, it would most definitely be “enhanced”!

  3. chris says:

    I always thought the old version number was insufficient. You really need three numerals after the second decimal for optimal granularity…

  4. gilest says:

    Cleve: believe it or not, I found it on my iPhone, via a tip-off from a friend on IRC. Now I know that you posted on it too, I’ll cheerfully send all the scoop-whuffie to you :)

  5. Blackguy with iphone says:

    Dude. You have 8 updates ??? Hmmm bizarrrrrre

  6. Pathos says:

    Obviously you do not know googles hints of sarcasm. Wow.
    Try calling 1800GOOG411, and as it loads your request the automated waiting sound is a guy babbling in your ear.
    Our world is too serious these days.

    (and if you do not see the irony in my stating that statement the world is truly gone.)

    (as well as the last statement about the previous statement)

  7. Chinmay says:

    And I thought they were somewhat smart… :P