Dropbox places big restriction on free users


Will you upgrade?
Photo: Dropbox

It could be a lot harder to access your Dropbox files if you don’t pay for a Plus subscription. Basic (free) users can now connect the service to just three devices at any one time. You’ll need to upgrade if you want to add more.

Dropbox hasn’t placed a device limit on Basic users before, so you’ve been free to connect as many smartphones, tablets, and computers as you wish. But starting this month, you’ll have to choose just three.

If you need Dropbox access on four or more devices, that’ll be $9.99 a month.

Dropbox cracks down on unlimited access

Most of us can probably manage with Dropbox access on just three devices. But if you happen to require access on a fourth or more, you now have two choices: You can either upgrade to a paid plan, or revoke access for another device.

There is an important caveat, however.

If you had more than three devices connected to your Basic account before March 2019, they will retain and you can use them normally. The new rule only applies to devices added after this date.

A Dropbox subscription starts at $9.99

Paid access to Dropbox Plus starts at $9.99 a month. That gets you 1TB of storage, offline folders, remote wiping, and more. There’s also a Pro plan priced at $19.99 that increases your storage to 3TB and offers additional features.