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iProduct Placement: “Sex & the City” iPhone Throwback



One of the most depressing scenes in the already depressing “Sex and the City” movie is the one where Carrie Bradshaw gets left at the altar.

The groom, aka Big, hasn’t shown up. In a scene where all the stars especially look like they need a good night’s sleep and more calming carbs in their diets, Samantha holds an iPhone, set off against a fire-engine red dress.

Carrie asks someone to give her a phone to call Big.

Samantha tosses her iPhone.

Carrie looks at it, bewildered. Says, “Alright. I don’t know how to work this.”
Throws it back. And uses another phone to make the call.

Much like the most-remembered iPod scene in TV show “Supernatural,” where Apple’s mp3 player was accused of “douching up” a car, the iPhone scene in “Sex” is probably more sticky than if she’d just picked up the phone and used it.

Though her inability to use her Mac also becomes part of the plot (proving that women who have halfway decent taste in handbags must be techtards) it’s not nearly as memorable as her throwing the iPhone back in frustration.


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12 responses to “iProduct Placement: “Sex & the City” iPhone Throwback”

  1. Tice says:

    I remember that scene. I think it’s quite funny knowing that she never even had a cellphone in all the years. So it’s understandable.

  2. chano says:

    Honestly, and I mean this with good intentions, your site is doomed to fail if you consider garbage like this to be newsworthy.
    Shame on you.

  3. Reader says:

    “proving that women who have halfway decent taste in handbags must be techtards” – seriously? Have you ever even watched the show? Making an assumption like this from watching one out of context scene is NOT good blogging. Would YOU want your first experience with an iPhone to occur at the moment you were left at the altar? If not, are you, too, a technotard?

  4. just_me says:

    sorry, reader, that movie sucked rilly rilly bad, embarrassingly so… two hours of my life wasted and I was left sad at the way women are still portrayed these days… don’t care for the tv show, am talking about the movie. if they’re dependent on each other, then the director failed.. again… ;)

  5. imajoebob says:

    Disregarding Chano’s choice of subject matter, your site is doomed if you give away huge chunks of movie plots. I have absolutely no interest in seeing this film – I still have a pair – but you’ve just spoiled it for anyone who did. All you had to do is say “Spoiler Alert after the break.”

    Not cool.

  6. anitabot says:

    That’s kind of an unfair generalization! All throughout the series Carrie is pretty old-school by choice – she keeps a rotary phone, enjoys using a library instead of buying books etc. It’s all within her character. And Samantha has an iPhone, and she’s one of the girls with “halfway decent taste in handbags”, so obviously she’s not a techtard. Just because one of the characters isn’t a tech freak doesn’t mean they were trying to say all women were.