Survey: Aston Martin Is Cooler Than The iPhone



The iPhone 4 is pretty indisputably the coolest phone you can own, but how cool is it objectively? Not as cool as Aston Martin, apparently: the British luxury sports car manufacturer just smashed its grill into the iPhone and knocked it out of the number one spot as the coolest product around.

The research comes by way of the appropriately named CoolBrands Council, who surveyed 2,000 consumers alongside a panel of 35 industry insiders from the world of design, style magazines and websites. At the end of the day, the iPhone — previously the cat’s meow — toppled down to number two, while the iPod came in at number three and BlackBerry at number four.

Predictably, the CoolStyle Council was just too cool to speculate why the iPhone had dropped a place in their rankings, although one can see the snobbery at play here: who wouldn’t rank possession of a $500,000 sports car as a more impressive accomplishment than a handset purchasable for a couple hundred bucks on-contract by almost any greasy pleb on Earth? Unless you can play Plants vs. Zombies in-dash on the Aston Martin… me, that’s who.