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Edit video like a pro for a fraction of the price


Filmora 9 is a video editor with professional capabilities, aimed at users of all skill levels.
Filmora 9 is a video editor with professional capabilities, aimed at users of all skill levels.
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At this point, pretty much every content creator has made the pivot to video. Whether that means shooting in 4K on a camera that costs $10,000, or just doing quick vlog updates with your iPhone, competition is fierce for turning around polished videos as quickly as possible.

Usually, that means hiring a video editor or learning a top-shelf (and top-price) editing platform. And unless you’ve got the latest hardware or access to a render farm, forget about getting 4K video out in a hurry. But a new video editing platform allows for quick editing with all the fancy visual goodness you want, even in Ultra HD — but without dealing with sluggish response times.

Filmora9 builds on an already popular photo editor, adding new features and powerful under-the-hood tweaks.

Pro features for beginners

Filmora has been known for years as a platform for easygoing video editing. The new version carries that tradition on, but expands the toolkit.

Without any previous editing experience, brand-new users can find themselves creating video with a surprising range of effects. That includes sculpting waveforms and keyframe audio editing, removing noise, equalizing audio, keying in green-screen effects and stabilizing video. Filmora also makes it easy to add animated elements, giving videos the pop that will help them stand out among all that content out there.

Filmora9 isn’t an update. It’s an entirely new app. If you’re already a Filmora user, you will notice a number of changes to the software’s feel and workflow. Veteran users will probably appreciate the newly designed timeline, which allows stacking up to 100 video and audio tracks. You can adjust the track heights, too, for flexible timeline arrangements. Advanced functions also can be accessed via a simple right-click, so there’s no need to juggle multiple tabs.

If you’re going to edit 4K, you’d better have some fast processors and massive drive space. Of course, not all content creators have a budget for high-end hardware. So Filmora9 adds proxy file editing. That means it creates lower-resolution stand-ins for every file you’re editing, so you can scrub and edit a much smaller file, and do your work smoothly in real time. When you render, the output will emerge in full 4K glory.

Cross-platform compatibility means you can start a program on PC and finish it on a Mac (or vice versa). So, even though Filmora is aimed at casual users, it could be part of any digital professional’s toolkit.

Try Filmora9 for free

If you’re looking for a video editor, you’re likely to be shuffled toward the more-expensive platforms. Or to the free apps available online or baked into your computer. But the expensive ones are, well, too expensive — and probably overkill for most people. And the typical free versions tend to lack some of the most useful features.

Filmora9 strikes a great balance between economy and capability. If you want a copy, it runs about $45 for a lifetime license. That’s about two month’s worth of use with some video software. Even better, you can try Filmora for free and see how you like it.