iOS 4.1 Game Center Ported To Jailbroken iPhone 3G



Are you the owner of an iPhone 3G who is disappointed that you can’t run deathmatch with friends through Apple’s new match making service, Game Center? A jailbreak and some hacking could get you up and running, if you’re feeling bold.

Over at Redmond Pie, Taimur Asad goes through the process of getting jailbreak running on an iPhone 3G… which is (coincidentally for this experiment) the only iPhone that can currently be jailbroken under iOS 4.1 right now.

Essentially, all you need to do is modify some .plist files inside the original GameCenter.ipa file for the iPhone 3GS, then using SSH to push this modified file to your jailbroken iPhone 3G.

The most interesting part of this demonstration, frankly, is that it works at all, and apparently flawlessly. As we know, Game Center was to be supported on the iPhone 3G pretty much up until the last beta, at which point support was mysteriously dropped. If Game Center runs well on iPhone 3G, why did Apple pull support at the last minute?