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Think Geek’s New Bluetooth Keyboard for the iPhone Folds Into The Case



Think Geek — those purveyors of gadget accessories you never even knew you needed — are now collecting preorders for this awesomely clever iPhone case with flip-out keyboard.

Although we arch an eyebrow at those who simply can’t get over the lack of physical QWERTY keys on the iPhone, the TK-421case is perhaps one of the more cleverly designed accessories to bring some thumbable texting buttons to Apple’s touchscreen handset that we’ve seen so far. The keyboard flips out from where it is hidden at the bottom of the case, solidly clicking into place and pairing with your iPhone through Bluetooth so that it can be used like a thumbpad to answer texts, respond to emails or type in blog posts.

The Tk-421 comes in two separate models which will both ship in November for $49.99, one for the iPhone 3GS and one for the iPhone 4. If you have a 3G or lower, though, you’re out of luck. As Think Geek notes: “. Yes. We know that the iPhone 3G is the same form factor as the 3GS but unfortunately Apple decided that the 3G was just too slow to add Bluetooth™ keyboard support into the OS… go figure.”