How To Play Random Albums From iTunes



If you’re using iTunes and you have a lot of music, it’s not that easy to browse through many hundreds of albums and select one to listen to.

For those of us who still like to listen to entire albums, there are ways to pluck one album at random from your library and get iTunes to play it.

The first is to grab this script from Doug’s AppleScripts. It will do the job perfectly well.

The second, and my new favorite way, is to use the optional Powerpack add-on to Alfred and the “Random Album” command you’ll find there (see screenshot above).

I’m enjoying using this because it’s very quick and simple. Alfred has to create its own iTunes playlist, which gets instantly re-populated with a new album’s worth of tracks every time you activate the command – which, since you’re using Alfred, only takes a couple of keystrokes.

  • webPragmatist

    Any idea how to just go back to playing random songs?