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The Wallee iPad Wall Mount And Case [Review]



The Wallee is both a hard case for iPad as well as a simple and efficient wall mounting solution. It allows you to use your iPad throughout your home. It’s one of the best solutions out there, and delivers both on style and functionality. The Wallee is a gadget that is so well-engineered that I often forget about it. It has just blended its way into my everyday life – just like the iPad itself.

When the iPad first launched, one of my first thoughts was how good it would be to have the iPad on the wall for recipes, TV and video whilst cooking. I am not alone in my thinking. Over the past few months numerous wall mounting solutions for the iPad have emerged.

From Jesse Rosten’s simplistic but beautiful use of Velcro shown in this video to more permanent solutions such as the Pad Tab and WallPort, Everyone is trying to get in on the wall mounted tablet game.

The Wallee is a near perfect solution for wall mounting your iPad. Its construction is of the highest quality, with parts manufactured from thick plastic and steel and a design that holds its own even when placed next to the iPad itself.

There are two parts to the Wallee: a well-fitting hard case that has a cross-shaped hole in the back and then a complimentary x shaped dock that the iPad slides onto.

Once installed the Wallee works perfectly, just slide the iPad (with case) onto the bracket, turn and you are done. The fixing is secure and at no point do you feel worried that your precious device will fall. It comes in a range of different colors, and even includes a clear version, allowing you to protect your device while still see the iPad itself.


I’ll be honest here, the installation of the Wallee is not a one minute process. The case itself just clips onto the iPad. Easy as pie. Where the difficulty starts is attaching the X dock to the wall.

As You will see in the above video, installation isn’t just a matter of sticking a pad on the wall and go. You need to line the metal bracket up, drill holes and affix screws. For some this may be enough to put them off buying; for me it made the product even better. Yes, it’s a pain in the ass having to get the toolbox out but i feel much happier about my iPad being affixed to the wall with screws and wall-plugs, then I would with a sticky membrane.

In my experience, no matter how good a glue claims to be, they will always fail eventually. On the plus side, getting out the drill is good for you, makes you feel like a real man! (or very talented woman)

One of the benefits of the Wallee over other wall mounts is that the X configuration allows for easy switching between landscape and portrait, all you need to do is twist. The case and dock have interlocking bumps that allow the device to stick where it should be until you move it.

Daily use

Once you have got the Wallee installed and working, you will be surprised how useful this little fellow becomes. I have had mine installed for a couple of weeks now and I use it daily. I watch BBC iPlayer whilst washing up, read while I’m cleaning and plenty more. My wife has even adopted it and on more than one occasion my iPad has gone missing so she can test some new recipe on Epicurious.

There are only a couple of negatives I could find with the product itself. One is that the X shape in the back of the case tends to let a bit of grit and dust in. The second is that aforementioned case does add a fair bulk to the iPad. Whether this is enough to put you off buying is down to personal opinion. The case comes off fairly easily so it’s not the end of the world. Maybe the Wallee #2 will fix these issues.


I have fallen in love with this little lump of plastic. Through very little effort, the Wallee has turned the iPad into the device I dreamed about whilst watching Star Trek as a kid. Captain Picard it is not, but the Wallee really does make a great device seem even greater.

Though the case is not perfect, the concept is. Having a little extra bulk is, in my opinion a small compromise to have such a stylish mounting solution.

My only advice would be this; get a couple of the docks when you order, I am already wishing I had two. My lounge is crying out for some iPad love!
The Wallee is available direct from the manufacturer for $49 with free worldwide shipping.
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