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Strange Japanese iPad Game Rewards Concentration With Virtual Kissing



It is natural to be confused by the image above, but before I explain what exactly is going on here, I’d like to give you a moment to come up with your own possible narrative. It’s clear that the Japanese man on the right is doing something with the iPad on the left through the wires hooked up directly to his brain, but what, exactly?

I look forward to hearing your first thoughts in the comments, but my immediate guess was that the Japanese man was using his iPad as some sort of extreme constipation-relieving device, during the usage of which he spontaneously had a quadruple heart attack that simultaneously struck each and every chamber of his heart. What other explanation could explain that man’s facial contortions?

The true explanation is just about as weird, though. As you can see in the video below, this is an iPad game that was demonstrated at last week’s Tokyo Game Show.


Developed by Japan’s Double Crane and NeuroSky, the game monitors your sensory feedback through the attached headband. Concentrate hard enough and you are rewarded with a virtual kiss from a dollsome Japanese model. Concentrate too hard, as the gentleman in the picture above seems to have done, and blow out your gastric system.

Hey, sign me up! When can I expect this to hit the App Store?

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