Apple puts big Facebook critic in charge of privacy practices


Apple is serious about keeping your personal data safe.
Photo: Apple

One of Facebook’s biggest critics is teaming up with Apple, which as it turns out, has also been one of Facebook’s biggest critics lately.

Former Facebook employee Sandy Parakilas has reportedly been hired by Apple. Instead of levying criticism at Facebook though, Parakilas has reportedly been hired to help Apple examine its own privacy policies.

Parakilas worked as a platforms operations manager at Facebook before leaving in 2012 after monitoring the privacy and policy compliance of Facebook developers for over a year. While at the social network he raised concerns about the company’s data-sharing policies but they were downplayed. This led him to become one of Facebook’s biggest watchdogs.

Apple doubles down on privacy

According to The Financial Times, Parakilas joined Apple’s privacy team as a product manager. His new role was created to ensure new products in development at Apple protect user’s privacy.

Apple CEO Tim Cook frequently criticized both Facebook and Google all last year. During the Cambridge Analytica data leak scandal last year, Cook said he “wouldn’t be in this situation,” if he were the CEO of Facebook.

Parakilas also played a big role during the Cambridge Analytica scandal. He provided evidence to the British parliament showing that Facebook’s privacy protections were far outside of what should have been allowed. Apple hasn’t officially confirmed the hire, and Parakilas’ LinkedIn page still shows him as the Chief Strategy Officer at The Center for Humane Technology.

Via: Macrumors