This iPhone photo caused more than a few double takes


puddle picture
"Shot on iPhone" but not from where you may think.
Photo: courtesy of Josh Nukem

Backyard puddles are rarely worth photographing.

Yet Josh Nukem managed to make a puddle picture with his iPhone 8 Plus that got a lot of people talking this week.

Nukem angled his iPhone just right to make the puddle look like a chain of frozen lakes shot from an airplane. At least it looked that way to him. So he posted it on Reddit, where it received hundreds of views and became one of the most popular photos ever posted on the thread r/mildlyinteresting.

The photo drew oohs and ahhs, several shares and even a few suggestions that Nukem plays a prank by saying the photo was shot in the skies above a remote part of Canada.

Of course, there were also snarky trolls that got off-topic but that didn’t detract from the perspective-blowing experience of the image for many.

What compelled Nukem to photograph the puddle in the first place is not entirely clear but he said it caused him a double take while reviewing the photos on his camera roll.

“That’s beautiful forced perspective,” wrote Senpai_Has_Noticed_U. “The only thing that ruins the illusion a tiny bit, for me, is the cracked rock, bottom right. But its the very last thing I noticed.”

Source: PetaPixel