Here’s a home smart lock that’s 10 times stronger than your deadbolt [Deals] | Cult of Mac

Here’s a home smart lock that’s 10 times stronger than your deadbolt [Deals]


Haven Connect
Keep your home safe with this smarthome deadbolt solution.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals.

For decades, a strong, well-made deadbolt was the standout method of securing a door against intruders. Yet even in the age of smart-enabled door locks, keypads and other high-tech security alternatives, your protection still inevitably comes down to the actual physical strength of the door you’re defending. Codes and thumbprints and retina scans are only so effective against focused brute force, right?

The folks at Haven attacked that issue and came up with the Haven Connect Lock, an elegant coupling of tech-reinforced home defense with an extra layer of physical protection. Right now, this cool reimagining of personal security is available for just $283 with promo code ‘NEWYEAR2019’ from the Cult of Mac Deals Store.

Haven’s device does all the cool stuff you’ve come to expect from smart home security. Mount the Connect Lock at the base of an inward-swinging door, then control access via a pressure pad or the Haven app. You can go with keyless entry via a Bluetooth fob or use the app to send digital keys, monitor logs of entries and exits through your web browser, integrate it with other smart home security systems and more.

But the Connect Lock’s distinguishing feature is the physical strength it adds to the door. When enabled, the unit deploys a military-grade steel wedge that literally prevents the door from opening. By applying fortified support along the entire base of the door, a door that might usually only withstand up to four or five kicks before falling can now hold up to ten times more punishment.

At $283 with promo code ‘NEWYEAR2019,’ the Connect Lock is the perfect defense from any technology-based or brute force-based attack your home could face.