4-year-old uses Siri to summon help after mom faints


Siri proved useful in helping a boy in England call for help.
Photo: Apple

A 4-year-old boy in England used Siri to call for help after his pregnant mom collapsed, according to reports.

Beau Austin, who reportedly loved talking to digital assistants on devices, called out to Siri on his mother’s iPhone to dial 999. He then told the operator “my mummy’s sick,” adding they were alone.

The boy’s mother, Ashley Page, was experiencing side effects from morning sickness medication when she fainted. She regained consciousness long enough to confirm the address in Pembrokeshire, South Wales, but passed out a second time, according to BBC News.

The operator talked to Beau and helped him with keeping his mom conscious until first responders arrived, the BBC reported.

Apple devices have been in the news lately for features that saved lives. Last week, one man was alerted by his Apple Watch to a potentially fatal heart condition. Over the weekend, a passenger of chartered boat used an iPhone to call for help after the boat capsized in waters near Japan.

Beau was given an award by the ambulance service for bravery and was reportedly calm throughout the incident.

“It was just me and Beau in the house by ourselves, so he did really, really well,” Page said of her son. “To use Siri like that is incredible. I didn’t even know you could do that on a phone.”