Unlock your Mac’s hidden productivity potential with this app [Deals]


Keyboard Masetro
Work more efficiently by creating macros with this Mac app.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

You may think you’re a power user, but not unless you’re using keyboard macros. Macros are like keyboard shortcuts, but customized so you can tailor them to your workflow.

Keyboard Maestro Macro Manager offers a window into the hidden potential of your Mac. After a few steps, you can open documents, type whole sentences, operate web apps, and lots more, with just a keystroke. So frequently used words or phrases, files or apps, even text messages, basically anything can be made instantly accessible. The macros can be set to trigger when the key is held down, pressed, released, tapped several times, even by actions like plugging in your headphones. You can also track which shortcuts get the most use with the Macro Inspector. This is a great way to instantly up your screen time productivity.

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