Apple Watch gets extended return policy for heart health features

Apple Watch gets extended return policy for heart health features


Apple Watch ECG
Not impressed by the ECG? You’ll have more time to return your Watch.
Photo: Apple

Apple Watch buyers will be granted an extended return period if they decide to return their wearable for reasons related to upcoming heart health features.

Apple usually gives shoppers 14 days to return a purchase, but an internal document reveals that some will have up to 45 days to return a Watch — as long as it’s for the right reasons.

Apple is already beta testing a watchOS 5.1.2 update that will bring a number of new features to Apple Watch, including the long-awaited ECG app for Series 4 models and irregular heart rhythm alerts for Series 1 and later.

If you buy a Watch for those features and for whatever reason you want to return it, you might have longer than 14 days to make up your mind.

Apple offers extended Watch return policy

“While the Apple Watch typically has a 14-day return policy, Apple will honor refund requests related to upcoming heart health features for up to 45 days after purchase,” reports MacRumors, citing an internal Apple document.

“Apple Stores will refer these requests to Apple Support, so customers will need to contact Apple by phone, email, or online chat to initiate a refund beyond the usual two-week period.”

It seems the longer return period applies only to heart health features, so if you don’t mention any of those when you request a return after 14 days, it could be declined.

It’s not clear why Watch customers will be granted a longer returns period. It is not a requirement of the FDA, which approved Watch’s upcoming ECG app, so it could be that Apple simply wants to give customers longer to test out the heart health features.

Look out for watchOS 5.1.2

We still don’t know for sure when watchOS 5.1.2 will arrive with the new ECG app and irregular rhythm notifications. However, Apple has promised we’ll see these features before the end of the year, and its next watchOS update is already in testing.

Look out for watchOS 5.1.2 soon, then.