MacBook Pro gets smokin' fast Vega GPUs, and Apple's super-secret return and exchange program, on The CultCast | Cult of Mac

MacBook Pro gets smokin’ fast Vega GPUs, and Apple’s super-secret return and exchange program, on The CultCast


CultCast 363 MacBook Pro
If you're mad Apple released new GPUs after your 2018 MacBook Pro purchase, you may have an option you haven't considered.
Photo: Apple

This week on The CultCast: Did you know about Apple’s super-secret special return and exchange policy? We’ll tell you what it is, and how to use it if you’re unhappy with your Apple purchase but outside your 14-day return window. Plus: A quest to trade up — the stories of three MacBook Pro owners trying to get Apple to trade in their newly purchased 2018 MacBook Pros for models with the brand new, smoking-fast Vega 20 GPUs. And finally, and most importantly: Happy Thanksgiving!

Our thanks to Gantri for supporting this episode. Gantri’s 3D-printed lights are both beautiful and affordable. Check them out in AR at, and use code CultCast at checkout for $20 off.


CultCast #363 – Black Friday steals, MacBook Pro’s new GPU, and Steve Jobs stories

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Apple reportedly cuts both iPhone XR and XS orders

  • According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple has reduced its orders for both the iPhone XS and iPhone XR.
  • Apple’s stock is not at $177 as of this writing, down from an October high of $232! That’s a drop of almost 25%
  • But it’s not just Apple stock that’s dropping, the DOW is also way down.
  • Amazon is down 25% too. $1500 down from $2000.

Is Vega 20 Worth it for 15″ MacBook Pro? Benchmarks & Thermals

  • In Max Yuryev’s tests, the new Vega 20 GPU was 25-35% faster than the 560X GPU in various benchmarks.
  • We’re waiting for Final Cut Pro tests, but I get they’ll be even faster there.
  • In Dave 2D’s premier render tests, the Vega 20 is almost twice as fast as the 560X