New wireless fast charger wins with aluminum and USB-C


A new iPhone wireless charger uses USB-C.
A stylish new iPhone wireless charger uses USB-C.
Photo: Satechi

Satechi has a new wireless charger for Qi devices, including all recent iPhone models. This includes a USB-C port and can transmit power as quickly as iOS and Android devices can receive it. 

Its casing has a more modern look that previous versions from this company.

Faster wireless charging

The Satechi Aluminum Type-C Fast Wireless Charger offers up to 7.5W of power to the iPhone XS series, XR, X and 8 series. It can send up 10W to Samsung and other Android handsets.

This charger doesn’t come with a USB power adapter, but a Quick Charging (QC) or USB-C Power Delivery (PD) adapter is necessary to get the fastest charging. Just hooking it to a MacBook USB-C port won’t do it.

Satechi offers it in silver or space grey to match the phone. The price is $44.99, and the product is available now on

Of course, there are tons of other Qi-compatible wireless chargers on the market. It’s reached the point where these have to offer something unusual to stand out, like the one that’s also a photo frame.