iPhone 4 Case Review: Marware’s ‘Glide’ Leather Sleeve Offers Stylish, Sturdy Protection



For this week’s iPhone 4 case review, we have chosen Marware’s Glide: a stylish leather sleeve that offers maximum protection whilst carrying your phone, but the pleasure of your device unprotected while you’re using it.

What Is It?: The Glide is a genuine leather sleeve that’s designed to offer maximum coverage and protection to your iPhone 4 while you’re carrying it, and protection from dust and scratches while it’s in your pocket or bag. A dual-purpose pull-tab allows you to pull your device from the sleeve quickly and easy, while its velcro fastener will keep it from slipping out while it’s in there. There’s also a handy credit card holder on the back! It’s available in either black or brown and for as little as $10.88 on Amazon!

What’s Good: My favorite thing about the Glide is that it keeps my iPhone from scratching against keys & coins while it’s in my pocket, and protects it from that accidental drop when I’m out and about. While at the same time it allows you to experience your iPhone in all its glory, without protection, when you need to use it. The pull-tab makes it quick and easy to slip your device in and out of the case when needed, and the holes on the base of the case mean you’ll still hear your phone just as clear when it’s ringing. It’s slim and lightweight, and easy access to the top of your device means you can still get to the headphone jack and wake button.

The Glide’s leather is soft and of great quality – after weeks of use I’m yet to scratch or mark it – and the sleeve’s interior is a soft felt-like material that will cause no harm to your device while it’s in there. There’s a handy slot for your credit card on the back of the sleeve which allows you to leave the rest of your wallet at home when you’re popping out.

What’s Bad: To be completely honest, I’m yet to find a downside to this case. The only slight issue you may have is that you can’t quite reach the silent switch or volume buttons on your iPhone while it’s in the sleeve; if the sides were slightly shorter you could, but then you sacrifice some of its protection.

Conclusion: The Glide is one of the most impressive sleeves I’ve found for the iPhone 4 so far; it’s extremely well-built, looks great, and offers maximum protection. And at $10.88 for the brown version on Amazon, you can’t go wrong!

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