Rumor: iPad Coming to Target Starting October 3


Photo by Mr. T in DC -
Photo by Mr. T in DC -

Okay, this one should be filed under “S” for speculation, but there is talk that Apple’s iPad may be appearing on the shelves of retailer Target in October. First the conjecture and then some context on why there many be a reason why there may be fire behind this puff of smoke.

According to a screenshot of a Target PDA obtained by tech buzz site Engadget, the Apple tablet device could appear October 3. Why? The price of the unspecified device is set at $599.99, the same as the iPad, and the device would be sold by the retailer in the “Digital Audio” section, where Apple’s iPods and iPad competitor, Amazon’s Kindle, are already available. Here is the PDA’s screen:

So much for the speculation. However, there could more to this wisp of potential. Apple and Amazon’s latest tactic to win consumers is to reach out to them where they shop. After Amazon saw how Barnes & Nobles’s Nook grabbed an estimated 50 percent of the e-reader market by appearing in the bookstore’s brick-and-mortar locations and Target shelves, Amazon also took aim at the Target shopper. Then, word leaked that office supply store Staples would begin selling the Kindle “this fall.” Talk that Target may begin selling iPads is Apple’s potential response. But as that hackneyed phrase goes, only time will tell.

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