Learn to build pro iOS games & apps with AppGameKit [Cult of Mac Deals]

Learn to build pro iOS games and apps [Deals]


Get the professional instruction you need to start developing games for iOS
Get started building games for iOS with these nine courses.
Photo: Epic Games

Software development is still one of the most valuable skills you can learn. Coding skills are portable, potentially highly lucrative, and flexible. But if you’re not already a skilled coder, where to begin?

With the Complete Mobile App and Game Development Kit, you’ll get the software, assets and knowledge needed to take your first steps into the field. There are numerous hands-on examples for building working apps and games.

Everything centers on the AppGameKit platform, “a one-stop development engine that lets you quickly code and build apps for multiple platforms, no programming experience required.”

But you can take the principles and techniques you learn and apply them in other contexts. You’ll work with 3D assets, VR and lots more — there’s plenty here for anyone looking to get involved in mobile game or app development.

Buy now: Get the Complete Mobile App and Game Development Kit for $29.99. That’s 88 percent off the usual price.