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Add USB ports to MacBook Pro with this awesome power-adapter hub


Get more USB ports for your Mac with this brilliant accessory.
Photo: HyperDrive

Apple is on a mission to kill all MacBook ports that aren’t USB-C, but thanks to an ingenius new power adapter accessory, you can get back the old school USB ports you’ve been longing for.

HyperDrive revealed its new USB-C Hub for the new MacBook Pros power adapters today. The little attachment connects to your power adapter to add two USB-C ports that can be used to connect USB-A devices, peripherals and hard drives to the USB-C only MacBook Pro.

Take a closer look:

This should be standard with all MacBooks.
Photo: HyperDrive

HyperDrive is selling two version of the hub. One for the 13-inch MacBook Pro’s 61W power adapter and one for the 15-inch MacBook Pro’s 87W power adatper.

The hub supports data and power on all ports, bringing more expandability to your MacBook without adding an ugly USB-C hub to the side of your MacBook Pro. Pricing is set at $39.99 and $49.99, depending on which version you need. HyperDrive is offering $10 off though on each for a limited time.

Pre-orders for the HyperDrive USB-C hub opened up today. Units are expected to ship in early November.