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Report: App Downloads to Top iTunes Sales


Source: Asymco

Apple’s iTunes Store may soon be remembered more for its applications than its music roots. That’s the conclusion of a new report showing its taken 2.2 years for the App Store to deliver 6.3 billion apps, a milepost it took the iTunes Music Store around five years to reach, according to TechCrunch’s interpretation of the above Asymco chart.

Owners of iPhones, the iPod touch and iPad average 17.6 million apps downloaded per day, compared to around 7.5 million songs, according to the firm.

If that trend continues, app downloads will overtake music downloads by the end of 2010. The figures appear to buttress an earlier chart indicating music downloads are continue to slow, particularly compared to apps.

However, before people start writing too many ‘RIP iTunes Music’ stories, remember a large portion of the apps downloaded are free compared to songs which will cost you at least 59 cents.

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