Kanye surprises Apple store with bizarre tabletop ‘keynote’


Kanye West's new album Ye drops today on Apple Music (and elsewhere).
Ye, Ima let you finish, but Steve Jobs was the greatest keynote speaker of all-time.
Photo: Mark Azali/Flickr CC

Customers at the Apple store in Washington D.C. we’re taken by surprise this afternoon by an impromptu keynote hosted by Kanye West.

After telling Trump this morning that Apple should make the president an iPlane, West apparently went to a nearby Apple store and asked if he could hold a keynote on top of iPhone and iPad display tables.

The entire scene looks amazingly bizarre:

We still don’t know all of the topics Kanye’s keynote covered because we haven’t seen a video of it yet. Last week Kanye got up on a school desk in Detroit and told people to leave Elon Musk alone. West was referring to the Tesla CEO’s recent problems with the SEC.

People that were at the Apple store said Kanye told them he made a new “Make America Great Again” hat for Trump that drops the “again” part. Trump reportedly wore the hat after Kanye told Trump that the “again” part hurts black people.

Kanye has previously said that he will be the next Steve Jobs. He’s also claimed his company is a branch of Apple, though no official or unofficial connection actually exist.

After finishing his keynote, Kanye told the crowd he’s going to Africa.