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How To Switch Off Ping



Got Ping? Wish you’d not bothered?

You might be over the moon about Apple’s baby social network, but on the off chance that you’re not, here’s a quick’n’simple guide to de-Pingifying your iTunes. It’s not difficult.

  1. In iTunes, go to the iTunes Store by clicking it in the sidebar.


  1. Look at the far right side of the black iTunes Store navigation bar – you’ll see your account ID here. Mouse over it to see a little disclosure triangle on the right – click this to see a little menu. “Account” is the top one; click this.

  2. You may be asked to enter your Account password at this point.


  1. About half way down your Apple Account Information page, you’ll see a panel saying “Ping: On”. To the right of this there’s a button marked “Turn Off”. You know what to do.

  2. iTunes will have a brief “OMG WTF??” moment and ask you:


at which point you can make your point by clicking the Turn Off button again, extra forcefully.

Congratulations, you have successfully unPung your computer.