Watch how Apple Watch 4’s stunning motion faces were made


Watch faces
Apple created its Apple Watch videos the old fashioned way.
Screenshot: Cool Hunting

If you’ve wondered how Apple set about creating its stunning new Apple Watch Series 4 motion faces, a new behind-the-scenes video will shed some light.

The biggest shocker? That the high resolution videos — incorporating fire, water, and vapor — weren’t generated on a computer. In fact, they were shot in a studio with real elements. And they look all the better for it.

Alan Dye, VP of User Interface Design, observes that, “We could have done this digitally, but we shot this all in a studio. It’s so indicative of how the design team works—bringing our best and varied talents together to create these faces.”

It’s a great illustration of the effort that Apple puts into its products. Rendering this digitally would have been much, much easier — and some impressively realistic effects would have been possible. But it wouldn’t have quite looked authentic, and Apple wanted the new larger screens of the Apple Watch Series 4 to be shown off in their best possible light.

Given the sterling reviews that the Apple Watch Series 4 has received, it seems that Apple’s attention to detail has paid off in a big way!

Source: Cool Hunting