iPhone 4 Coffee Table Gets You Better Reception Than iPod Table?



Choices, choices. The latest in Apple-related furniture is a custom made iPhone 4 table. Details on it are scant (OK, it seems the Internets aren’t yielding much of anything other than the photo), but it is a slick piece of design that wouldn’t look out of place in many a living room.

In terms of a conversation piece, though, it perhaps looks too much like a normal table and less like one of Apple’s iconic devices. (It has been suggested you jazz it up with iPhone icon coasters, but for some that may be overkill).

The iPod Table made by Italian graphic and industrial designer Mirko Ginepro, still one of our favorites, looks much more like a pop-art nod to the real thing, just giant and made from Corian.

Which one would you rather have to receive your guests?