Get ready to splash some serious cash on this year’s iPhones


2018 iPhone compared to 2017 iPhone X
Last year's iPhones will soon be thought of as the “affordable ones.”
Photo: Jonas Dähnert

We’re less than 12 hours away from Apple unveiling its new iPhones, and analysts are taking a last stab at predicting the prices of the company’s new handsets.

The bad news? Provided their estimates are accurate, this year’s top-end iPhone could blow past the $1,000 price barrier of the iPhone X — as the success of last year’s handsets showed that there is no upper limit yet for how much people will pay. And the lower cost model likely isn’t too far behind!

According to Reuters, the top end 6.5-inch OLED iPhone X Plus or Max could start out at $1,049 or $1,099, making its base model $50 to $100 pricier than the iPhone X.

While that’s possibly to be expected at the top end, however, it seems like the most affordable iPhone may get a ramp up in price as well. According to Goldman Sachs analyst Rod Hall, the cheaper LCD iPhone could start at $849. That’s $150 more than the $699 price point of the iPhone 9.

“Given the better-than-expected iPhone X demand this summer we doubt Apple is inclined to go for lower price points,” Hall wrote in a note to clients.

Ultimately, as we’ve written before, no-one seems to really know what the new iPhones will cost — although we’ll find out soon enough. With the iPhone X demonstrating that Apple could safely pass $1,000 without customers throwing up their hands in shock, it seems that this year’s iPhones will further test the boundaries.

Personally, I’m expecting a whole lot of outraged editorials about price, some mocking ads from rival companies, and then a whole lot of people buying new iPhones.

Source: Reuters