Name your price for 10 top utility Mac apps, featuring 2Do [Deals]


Name your price for a bundle of 10 top-shelf Mac apps.
Name your price for a bundle of 10 top-shelf Mac apps.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

When you get a Mac, you’ve got a machine with almost unlimited potential, limited only by the apps you use. This bundle of 10 apps is a great way to expand the possibilities of your Mac — and it’s yours for whatever you want to pay.

This top-shelf bundle includes productivity and utility apps, and everything in between. It features popular task manager, 2Do, along with these nine other apps:

  1. 2Do ($49.99 value) – a robust task manager that can do everything from simple to complex workflows
  2. NetSpot Home ($49 value) – troubleshoot wireless networks at home with this visualization tool
  3. Mosaic Pro ($32 value) – resize and reposition windows on your Mac
  4. HyperPlan Home ($40 value) – a visual planning and scheduling tool
  5. PDF Manager Ultimate ($69.99 value) – convert, compress, merge, sign, mark-up PDF files
  6. RoboFrom Everywhere ($47.76 value) – an award winning form filler and password manager
  7. Art Text 3 ($29.99 value) – a graphic design software focused on text
  8. Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro ($37.98 value) – keep your photos organized by removing duplicate files
  9. Future DJ ($19.99 value) – a mixing app that allows you to mix tracks like a pro
  10. Airy YouTube Downloader ($59.95 value) – easily save MP3s and videos from YoutTube

Buy now: Name your price for the Ultimate Mac Bundle featuring 2Do — it’s a $437 value.