Intel CEO: Jobs ‘Very Happy’ We Purchased Infineon


Intel Chip

What with the contentious relationship between Intel and Apple, you’d think Apple CEO Steve Jobs wouldn’t be pleased about the chip giant acquiring Infineon’s wireless business, the firm that supplies baseband chips for the iPhone. However, Intel’s CEO says Jobs was overjoyed at the news.

“Steve was very happy,” Intel CEO Paul Otellini said in a Fox Business TV interview. There were a number of companies competing for [Infineon’s wireless unit]. I think they [Apple] are very happy Intel won the bid.” Tuesday we reported Intel acquired Infineon for $1.4 billion.

Otellini also said Intel would like to use Infineon’s expertise to create a single 3G and LTE chip that could be used not just in smartphones, but also in TVs and computers. In a hint where that idea is headed, Samsung announced plans to turn its Galaxy S phone (also powered by Intel’s Infineon buy) into a remote control for future smart televisions. If that sounds eerily similar to Apple’s plans for the iPhone, you wouldn’t be wrong.

Now, what was that about Apple’s contentious relationship with Intel?