Upgrading your iPhone? Get iMazing and kick iTunes to the curb [Deals]


iMazing 2
Skip iTunes the next time you need to move data between your computer and iOS devices.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

iTunes isn’t always your best friend. When it comes to managing mobile data and backups, you can do better. Luckily, there’s a straightforward iTunes alternative — iMazing.

Our own Leander Kahney calls it “the best way to transfer to a new iPhone,” but this powerful tool can do much more than ease you into your new iPhone XS or XR. And now Cult of Mac Deals is selling iMazing 2 for a whopping 75 percent off.

iMazing calls itself the Swiss army knife of iPhone, iPad and iPod management. It’s totally packed with useful tools for tackling everyday tasks.

With it, you can easily browse and manage backups, extract and print text messages, drag and drop songs between devices, and lots more. It will handle basically any kind of content, including voicemails, call histories, voice memos, notes and eBooks.

It’s also built to be flexible. On any Mac or PC, and any iOS device, you can move data to precisely where you want, either wirelessly or via USB.

Buy now: Get a universal license for iMazing 2 for $19.99 — that’s a full 75 percent off the usual price.