Apple explains latest MacBook Pro update


2018 MacBook Pro
This isn’t good.
Photo: Apple

Apple pushed out another supplemental update for the 2018 MacBook Pro lineup this week. Its release notes didn’t tell us much about the release, but the company has now explained exactly what users can expect it to do.

It’s not great news for MacBook Pro owners who have suffered crackling speakers.

Apple was forced to roll out a supplemental update for its latest MacBook Pro in July to address a nasty thermal throttling issue. Other problems with the high-end machines have been discovered since then, so another patch was required.

Here’s what you can expect from it.

Apple promises MacBook Pro speaker fix

“Apple said the Supplemental Update improves system stability and reliability across a number of areas, and addresses several issues, including crackling audio and kernel panics,” reports MacRumors, which received clarification from Apple.

But it doesn’t look like it will be the last fix the MacBook Pro needs.

Some users have already taken to social media and online forums to confirm the 1.3GB update has eliminated their speaker issues. However, others say the speaker issue remains after the update has been installed.

A handful say they have also experienced at least one kernel panic since updating. It appears the MacBook Pro’s T2 chip, which is responsible for things like secure boot, Hey Siri, and encrypted storage, is still the main cause of the problem.

Apple asks users to return MacBook Pros

Apple published some workarounds for these issues prior to issuing an attempted fix. These included disabling FileVault and the Power Nap function. It has also asked some users to return their machines so that its engineers can investigate the teething troubles.

If you’re still suffering problems after installing the latest supplemental update, contact Apple Support for assistance. If you’re already running macOS Mojave on your machine, the update won’t be available.