Four iPhones Deathmatch In This Performance Showdown [Video]



Embedded in a long and informative (but badly Google-translated) link to a breakdown of Apple’s A4 CPU, we noticed this intriguing video of all four iPhones — the iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 — pitted head-to-head in a performance test.

There’s nothing really shocking about the results here: Apple has improved the performance of the iPhone with every single release. As each test app is launched — including Plants vs. Zombies, Google Earth, Seadragon and Safari — it always fully loads quickest on the most recent iPhone, with every preceding iPhone lagging incrementally behind. Reboot is the same.

That said, we found something rather soothing about watching this video in this last day before the calm of new Apple product announcements. Perhaps it’s the cheery, burbling music. Either way, it’s an interesting look not only at how far the iPhone has come over the last three years, but in actuality, what a great smartphone it was in the first place.