Incase Travel Kit Plus Is Your Mobile iPad Office Solution [Review]


Incase Travel Kit Plus

There are hundreds of decent iPad cases out there. Unfortunately, very few leave you room for anything other than the iPad itself. What about your stand, your wireless keyboard, your charger or your headphones? Carrying all the accoutrements needed to set your iPad up and use it more like a notebook may seem to defeat the purpose somewhat, but a lot of us use our tablets like that every day. If you like to carry your iPad fully loaded, the Incase Travel Kit Plus ($59.95) is a great solution.

One side of the Travel Kit Plus consists of a kit with the same sort of padded, zippered iPad pocket you find on most iPad cases. It’s lined with soft, fleecy, fake fur and should protect your beloved from most of the daily abuse. Unfortunately, it is a bit of a tight fit. If you have a large case on your iPad, you’re out of luck.

The other side has a large wrap around zipper that houses all of the kit’s accessory pockets. These pockets are the real innovation. One of them is sized specifically for an Apple Wireless Keyboard. Two mesh pockets are perfect for the included stand and a set of earbuds. There’s also one more additional zippered pocket for all of your extras such as a charger, larger earphones or USB cables.

A kit that includes a pocket for a keyboard would be pretty useless without a stand to prop up your iPad. The Travel Kit Plus does include a pretty decent one. The stand will prop up your iPad in either landscape or portrait mode and one of two angles.

What’s Good? Holds all of your iPad essentials and plenty of non-essentials also

What’s Bad? No shoulder strap makes you look a bit like a Bible salesman if carried as a standalone solution.

Conclusion Hard to beat unless you go for a much more expensive shoulder style bag. Even then dedicated keyboard pockets are a rarified thing. If you want this to toss in a suitcase or messenger bag, buy it now. Just wish Incase made it a bit more stylish somehow.

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Model: Travel Kit Plus
Company: Incase
Compatibility: iPad and iPad 3G, Apple Wireless Keyboard
List Price: $59.95
Buy Now: The Incase Travel Kit Plus is available from Amazon for $47 with free shipping.