Gmail Adds Todo List With Added Cleverness



Some people are frantically asking “WHY GOOGLE, WHY?” but to me it makes perfect sense. Gmail now has a simple task manager and I love it. It works nicely within my copy of Mailplane, as do the keyboard shortcuts. You can enable it from inside the Labs settings tab (which is where you can mess with keyboard shortcuts too).

It made me smile when I looked at the hints. Gmail knew I was using a Mac and showed me the appropriate Command keystrokes to make stuff happen. Move items up and down the list with Command+Up or Command+Down, indent them with Tab, unindent with Shift+Tab. All makes sense.

But my favorite feature is that any email can be turned into a task. These tasks appear with a little “Related email” link so you can instantly see their context.

Bravo Gmail team, a job well done.

2 responses to “Gmail Adds Todo List With Added Cleverness”

  1. Carlitos says:

    Let me be the first one here to hope for these lists to integrate straight into iCal. That’d be fantastic, don’t you think?