iTunes to Go DRM-free Tomorrow, Give Away Post-Holiday Tracks in Europe?


Apple has finally concluded negotiations with Sony, Universal and Warner that will let tracks from the three giant music labels sell on iTunes without Fair Play restrictions, according to a report at AppleInsider.

AI cites information from a French electronic website claiming unnamed sources who confirm the DRM-free date is Tuesday, December 9. This hullabaloo falls squarely into the rumor category and should be seen as Holiday Hype as much as anything until either an official announcement from Apple or until tracks are actually being downloaded from iTunes without digital rights management restrictions.

The French site, ElectronLibre, also reportedly claims Apple is set to allow shoppers in France, Germany and the UK download an “unlimited” amount of certain iTunes content just after Christmas, leading up to the start of Macworld 2009 on January 6.

Via AppleInsider

6 responses to “iTunes to Go DRM-free Tomorrow, Give Away Post-Holiday Tracks in Europe?”

  1. lane says:

    well that’s all well and good but it’s still way too expensive and way to full of mainstream shit-fodder.
    Go to, pay less get more all indie, less polished-shit!

  2. Jazz1 says:

    What about the DRM music I’ve already purchased from the iTunes Store. Will DRM be dropped on my 2,000 tunes already owned?

  3. Martin@talkingfuture says:

    Nothing appeared yet but it would be good news if it does happen. I have to echo Jazz1 above, what happens to my existing catalogue?