The Dollar ReDe$Ign Project Slaps Steve Jobs' Face On $100 Bill | Cult of Mac

The Dollar ReDe$Ign Project Slaps Steve Jobs’ Face On $100 Bill



Steve Jobs on the $100 Bill? Why not, shrugs Raffael Hannemann, a German college student contributing to the Dollar ReDe$ign Project.

My intention? There has to be a full-colored US flag on every bank note, and there have to be faces of some of the latest idols on them. Let’s stop looking backwards and focus on the future. This is the time where we live. I’ve chosen Steve Jobs, but why not Zuckerberg, Larry Page or Michael Jackson?

Unfortunately, I doubt that Hannemann’s new design would pass Jobs’ own rigid sense of aesthetics. And really? Steve Jobs on the hundred dollar bill? That’s not even walking around money for the billionaire CEO. Put His Steveness on a benjamin and he’s going to be blowing his nose all over his likeness five times a day.