Brits “Stalk” Steve Jobs With Google Street View


The garage where Apple was founded on Google Street View.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs is the third most popular celebrity whose home is “stalked” by UK users with Google Street view.

From across the pond, there are just two other places that nosy Nellies want to take an up-close look at more than Jobs’ house:  the White House and Hugh Hefner’s Playboy mansion in Los Angeles. (Just to save you the keystrokes, it’s a futile bunny hunt, no street view is available.)

Depending on your stalkerish inclinations, you can see Jobs’ current residence with his car parked outside, or the Los Altos garage of his parent’s home where Apple was founded.

Bill Gates came in sixth in the survey. Other celebs people wanted to see include David and Victoria Beckham, Jay-Z and Beyonce. Nearly half of the people polled said they also looked for their childhood home and 16% tried to get a glimpse of an ex’s home.

The survey was done by a company called Central Scotland Joinery to promote their double-glazed windows.

As with a lot of these shameless self-promotion surveys, the company doesn’t mention how many people were polled and pertinent info like age and sex.

Still, I’m guilty of trying to go home again by using the map service.

Whose house have you tried to peek at with Google Street view?

Via PC Advisor