Fortnite’s latest update brings the boom!


Fortnite Fly Explosives game mode
It’s your turn to make the rules.
Photo: Epic Games

Fortnite’s controversial guided missile is back in today’s big content update.

You can enjoy it in regular Battle Royale matches, as well as in the brand new Fly Explosives game mode, filled with jetpacks and explosive weapons. Slurp Juice issues have also been fixed in this release.

Tuesdays might be almost as miserable as Mondays, but at least Epic gives us something to look forward to when the working day is done. Its weekly Fortnite patches keep the game feeling fresh, and this one’s no different.

Guided missile incoming!

The guided missile that we all grew to hate has returned to Battle Royale — but it’s a lot different now. Epic says it’s “more of a scouting tool than a high-damage threat.”

Movement speed, turning radius, and damage have all been reduced, while the time to reload has been increased. Rockets now fly for 15 seconds instead of 18 seconds, and players can carry a maximum of 12.

You’ll find the guided missile in epic and legendary variants in regular Battle Royale, as well as in the new Fly Explosives game mode.

Fly Explosives

This mode combines the fun of the High Explosives LTM with the vaulted jetpack, Epic says. Everyone takes to the skies with explosive weapons and tries to blast each other into oblivion until there’s a winner.

Only explosive weapons are available in this mode, but players are able to carry up to 120 rockets. They will also be able to stay in the air for longer, thanks to the jetpack’s increased fuel regeneration and decreased fuel burn rate.

If Fly Explosives doesn’t tickle your fancy, you’ll be pleased to know that Playground mode is sticking around for now — and it now includes the guided missile, jetpack, and the long-lost crossbow.

Slurp Juice is finally fixed

Finally, this update brings back the improved Slurp Juice, which now grants you a 75-point increase in health or shield (depending on your levels when you drink it).

You can find Epic’s patch notes for this update on the Fortnite blog, and you can download the latest release now across all platforms.