Google Street View app adds iPhone X support


Google Street View on iPhone X
Street View looks even better on iPhone X.
Photo: Google

The official Google Street View app has been updated to take full advantage of the iPhone X’s stunning Super Retina HD display.

It’s one of the last Google apps to get iPhone X support, following an update to Inbox that (after a very lengthy wait) rolled out last month. Users can also look forward to improvements to 360-degree panoramas.

Google has been working hard to update its entire suite of iOS apps for iPhone X since Apple’s flagship made its debut last fall. Its most important titles, like Gmail and YouTube, were obviously updated first. Now the remainder are slowly but surely being addressed.

Street View looks spectacular on iPhone

Street View is the latest to pick up iPhone X support in its version 2.13.3 update. It now fills the handset’s edge-to-edge display, negating the need for ugly black bars at the top and bottom of the screen.

Google also says that it has made improvements to 360-degree panorama rendering in this update, so you should find that they load faster and are more stable.

You can download the latest Street View update Google Street View by Google, Inc. from the App Store now. Like all Google titles, it’s completely free.