Wi-Gear CEO: “I Wish” We Were Acquired By Apple



Earlier in the week, it was reported that Apple might have acquired Wi-Gear, a company that makes the iMuff line of wireless Bluetooth headphones.

The evidence seemed pretty good for a secret buyout. Not only did Wi-Gear’s home page feature a somewhat unceremonious message about the company ceasing operations and being unable to respond to any press inquiries, but Wi-Gear co-founder moved to Apple as an iOS Bluetooth Engineer.

Unfortunately, like many good rumors, the evidence didn’t add up to the truth of things. Asked about a buyout by Macworld, Wi-Gear CEO Mark Pundsack said: “I wish!”

He then added, ““Wi-Gear and its IP are still available for sale.”

Of course, Kim may still very well be helping Apple bring a wireless line of headphones to the iOS platform. We certainly wouldn’t be surprised if the expertise bringing such products to market were responsible for his hiring. If so, though, it looks like Apple intends on taking a different path than just a buy-out and a rebranding.