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Sena’s Sarach Flip Is a Classy Leather Case For Your iPhone 3GS [Review]



Case maker Sena designs premium handcrafted cases for leather junkies, myself included. Their cases are all of superior quality and come in plenty of designs to choose from, which makes it a no-brainer choice if you are looking for something classy to protect your iDevice. The $69.99 Sarach Flip Leather is no exception.

What’s Good?: The case itself is a piece of art. As you would expect, a lot of thought has been put into the styling of the case.

All the classy hand stitching on top of the high-grade leather distinguishes it from the rest. It even has a little card slot hidden in the flap. My corporate-ish dad loves it!

I dropped my phone a couple of times with the case on and it provides great protection from a five foot drop – thank God! Everything is pretty accessible, too; even the holes for the speakers are cut out pretty well.

And did I mention how good the leather smells?

What’s Bad?: There isn’t too much bad about it, although the magnet closure bothered me. I had some issues using the built-in compass with the case on. However, the company assures that these magnets aren’t strong enough to harm the device.

Conclusion: The Sena Sarach Flip Leather case isn’t just another case, it’s a good investment considering the price of $69.99. The quality is amazing and well matches its much-loved competitors such as Vaja – I use one with my iPad. It’s available in several colors, too. I’d recommend getting it if you are not really bothered by the magnetic closure and want to protect your device the right way. ;)

[xrr rating=4.5/5]