Name your price for an education in professional photography [Deals]


Upgrade your photography skills for whatever you're willing to pay.
Upgrade your photography skills for whatever you're willing to pay.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Thanks to smartphones, we’re all photographers now. Not necessarily good photographers, but still, technology has made it so that taking pretty pictures is just a matter of ‘point and shoot’. Of course, if you want to make some money with your camera, you’ll need to upgrade your knowledge along with your gear.

This massive bundle of photography lessons will give you a whole new perspective on photography. Or, if you’re already handy with a camera, it’s a chance to sharpen your skills. Additionally, the whole thing is yours for whatever you want to pay.

The 7 courses in this bundle clock in at more than 30 hours of material, including hundreds of lectures and other content. There are courses that cover the basics of DSLR, mirrorless, and smartphone photography. Other courses cover how to organize digital photos, how to properly adjust for lighting and color, and how to compose ideal shots for specific gigs, like weddings. Other courses cover pro-level gear like off-camera flash, and a bunch of other tips and tricks. So if you’re ready to get more serious about photography, this bundle is for you.

Buy now: Name your price for the Professional Photography Bundle, a deal worth $630.